Unlocking Opportunities

Private Events was founded in 2018.

“We always thought it was a blessing to help professionals in our industry get work. After all these years, I’ve established great connections with high up clientele, last minute events and villa parties as well as International work in Dubai and Israel”

What the group is NOW

This group has been really successful in helping each other find work at a great rate. These jobs are often extremely well paid, exclusive and will help diversify your career. It has been extremely successful so far and we want to take it to the next level but retain our community/family feel that are the groups origins.

What the group will BECOME

We want to keep it professional, eliminate inactive accounts, encourage new members and ensure the best benefits for you as a member which includes the best jobs going directly to those in the group, first.  Not only does this ensure the high quality of work coming in but also a high rate of pay. We as the community set the standards and we will pass this on to the businesses that need our services.

Being a Member

We will be sending out information for you to fill out on sign up to include details of what you do, where you are working (areas/location), what skills and level of experience you have as well as contact details.

Getting a Job

Up until now, we have relied on people responding first to get the job. What we want to do is to increase the opportunities for everyone to have the experience of work that comes from this group. Jobs will be allocated based on immediate availability + response + skillset/ experience. We want to deliver the most timely but also the best staff for the job.

Posting a Job

For any job that is posted, the member who owns the job will receive a set tally of points throughout the season depending on the job, number of people, whether the job was completed and the value of the job. At the end of the season, points will be tallied and that member will be entitled to ‘seasonal finders fee’  (in cash) as a thank you for using our services. There will also be remuneration for those who are consistently working to bring in new members). 

What it will look like in the FUTURE

We anticipate a stream of local as well as international roles coming in this year with a chance for you to be sent overseas as well for work.

Select from our enticing options—part-time, full-time, or abroad—to forge a career path that aligns perfectly with your insiriations. 

Once your CV has been submitted, our team reviews and approves new members. Upon acceptance, you will receive a prompt email notification containing your acceptance status, along with instructions to proceed with signing the agreement and completing the payment for a 6-month subscription.